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Recording History for American Muslim Generations

Tabaqaat al-Amrikiyyeen


طبقات الامريكين

By Imam Luqman Ahmad

Biographical stationing is an important part of Muslim historiography. Referencing in Islam is frequently based upon ranking and association; whether it is predicated upon precedence, or upon levels of religious knowledge, or length of service to Islam and the Muslims, each group or person is accorded a status according to his or her designated ranking. In the hadith; “The best generation is my generation. Then those that follow them. Then those that follow them”[1], there is a reference to biographical stationing. Hence, the best generation after the Prophet (SAWS) by agreement of the scholars is the generation of the companions because of their own achievements and because according to Ibn Hajar al-Asqalaani; of their proximity to the Prophet (SAWS).

Early Muslim historians used to employ a biographical recording method whereas the ranks of the Muslim were chronicled by ranking and category. Read the rest of this entry »


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